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Dunkirk Full Movie

Country: United States
Year: 2017
Category: Action, Drama, History
Release Date: 21 July , 2017
Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard
Age Restriction: 18 years
Duration: 106 minutes
Budget: $150,000,000

Dunkirk is a 2017 American Action-Drama History film directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Christopher Nolan, with a story by Nathan Crowley.

After the science fiction of “Interstellar” (2014), the British Christopher Nolan changes totally of record in “Dunkirk”, a history of war “enveloping, intense and loaded with suspense” in which narrates the evacuation of 300,000 soldiers of the troops Allied during World War II.

It has been an “opportunity to narrate stories that have not been told before in the cinema” about this historical fact, explains Nolan in an interview with Efe in London a few days before the premiere of a film that reaches the screens of the whole world east Friday.

In “Dunkirk”, Nolan counts from different points of view the denominated Operation Dinamo, the rescue of Belgian soldiers, French and British surrounded by the Nazi army at the end of May of 1940, in which all type of boats participated, even Civilians, a fact that was described by the then British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as a “miracle”.

For Nolan, “it was not a victory, not a battle, but an evacuation,” which, although “simple enough,” ended up becoming something “very important” that is already part of “universal history “.

In his tenth film, in which he has used IMAX cameras and real ships and planes, the director and producer has resorted to a fact that “changed the world” and allowed him to “talk about the sense of community” among soldiers and The civilians who united to be able to face the adversities of the war.

The feature film narrates with colorful images the warlike fact from three different points of view: earth, sea and air. A shoot that posed “great physical challenges” at the time of recording in each of the positions, which led him to “have the feeling of having done something new”, since he always seeks “to build experiences about the past, but to look Also to new goals “.

It is something that has already demonstrated in his previous works, in which he has always looked for original looks for stories or genres that are habitual in the cinema. Surprised with “Memento” (2000) a complex thriller; He scored a point in the superhero movies with “The Dark Knight” (2008) and brought new perspectives to science fiction with “Interstellar” and “Inception” (2010).

And now he dares nothing less than one of the classic genres of cinema, war, which has given great films, such as “Saving Private Ryan” or “The Thin Red Line”, with which critics already compare the Nolan movie.

A film that features a cast, which includes Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy or Cillian Murphy, as well as Harry Styles, singer of the group One Direction and that premieres as an actor.

Some of them agreed, in statements to Efe, that filming both on the beach, and on boats or airplanes were hard and expensive experiences when interpreting their roles.

Rylance – an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress last year for “Bridge of Spies”, who plays a civilian who rescues soldiers from his boat, considered that the most difficult part of the shoot was precisely being surrounded by water without being able to leave the boat .

Especially, “waiting for hours” the time to be able to record “without knowing when it could be done due to the complexity of this type of scenes, explained the veteran actor. Alongside him were conspicuous names like Branagh or Hardy, young actors like Jack Lowden in the role of a pilot, or Fionn Whitehead, one of the protagonists, who plays Tommy and who followed a military training before confronting your paper.

Many characters for a film that is one of the shorter directed by Nolan with 107 minutes against the 169 of “Interstellar” or 152 of “The Dark Knight”. And that has little dialogue. “I did not want the characters to explain how worried they were, but to show the physical situations and use them to make the public empathize with them,” said the director.

Something that he has already achieved with the film crew, as Whitehead explained, saying the film helped him discover “how people can become so vulnerable when they are isolated.”

A ticking sound along “Dunkirk” (“Dunkirk”) as an omnipresent reminder that time runs for the 340,000 British soldiers and allies abandoned on a French beach and surrounded by Germans. It’s an interwoven effect with the music that originated, appropriately, with Christopher Nolan’s chronometer.

Nolan is a great watchmaker of the cinema, with a Swiss precision capable of mixing and shaping the time to conform it to his grandiloquent and timed films.

After reversing the time in “Memento” (Amnesia) and altering its progression in “Interstellar” (“Interstellar”), Nolan set out to do something different in “Dunkirk”, a tape that intertwines three stories (land, sea And sky) from three different chronologies: a week, a day and an hour during the famous Battle of Dunkirk.

“I wanted to experiment with a new rhythm,” Nolan said in a recent interview. “What I wanted to do was take what I call the snowball effect of the third act of my other films, where the parallel plots begin to be more than the sum of their parts, and I wanted to do the whole movie that way, The conventionalisms. “

When “Dunkirk” opens Friday in the United States, the public will be able to find a classic, but not traditional, war movie. Filmed almost completely with 70-millimeter IMAX cameras from a 76-page par Nolan script, “Dunkirk” is most of the time a cinematic experience with no dialogues in the sky and close encounters at sea. It is a total attack, with displacements of camera and montages, of one of the maximum filmmakers of the moment.

‘Dunkirk’ tells a true story where thousands of Allied soldiers were trapped in Dunkerque. Surrounded by enemies, they could not be saved. Then the civilian population came to his aid.

This is the epic story that Christopher Nolan tells us in a unique and spectacular way. For many this director is one of the best today. His films are unique and profound. But curiously they have never nominated him for the Oscars. His work has never been recognized. Maybe with the Dark Knight trilogy it seems normal, since it is the genre of superheroes. But ‘Origin’ or ‘Interstellar’ if they deserved at least one nomination. Since it counts things and reaches levels that no one else can or dares.

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